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Ductwork Modifications

Ductwork Modifications for Grand Rapids, MI

Ducts are an essential component of any air conditioning or heating system. They are designed to circulate air throughout the home to regulate temperature and improve overall air quality. Understanding how ducts work and making ductwork modifications to improve efficiency can reduce home energy bills and improve the comfort of the home.

How Ducts Work

Ducts are essentially a system of tubes that run through the home. They draw in old air through filters, clean it, and then recirculate it as cold or hot air. The entire system is commonly referred to as ductwork. One end of the duct is attached to the output of an HVAC unit where the treated air comes out. The ducts run from the unit, typically found in a basement or attic, to registers in floors or walls of living spaces. A properly ventilated home will have registers in multiple rooms to heat or cool the house evenly. On the other side of the HVAC unit, a return vent draws in air. Return vents are usually larger than registers, and in almost all cases air filters are placed between the vent and the intake fan to clean the air of allergens and pollutants.

When to Make Ductwork Modifications

If your ducts are improperly designed or sealed poorly, your HVAC might be working harder than it has to. If the ducts are too small or too large, they may need to be replaced. A system that is improperly sized won't function efficiently. Occasionally, ducts will need cleaning. Take this quiz to assess if a cleaning is needed.

Quotes on Ductwork Modifications

Schaafsma Heating and Cooling makes it easy to schedule a service visit or get a quote. Fill out our form, and we will have one of our skilled technicians examine your ductwork and recommend any modifications necessary to improve the function of your unit.

Don't let poorly functioning ducts keep you from enjoying the comfort of your home. Call Schaafsma Heating and Cooling today.

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