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Ice Dams

Home Performance in Grand Rapids, MI

 Ice Dams Causing You Trouble?


Ice Dams can not only cause damage to your home and surrounding objects they can cause injury. Did you know that if your home is performing properly you should not have ice dams?  Typically, Ice Dams are a sign of air infiltration or exfiltration, this means that air is leaking in or leaking out of cracks in your home.  Commonly, this is referred to as the envelope of your home.  When the home is leaking air it creates a negative pressure, so the home will start pulling air in from the outside.  This air then leaks in your home and brings with it any dirt and particles that are in the air outside.  



 Ice Dam broke and fell on the gas meter

 This Ice Dam over gas meter

Damage to Awning

Ice dam weight caused damage to this awning  



 We can fix Ice Dam problems by performing a Home Comfort Energy & Audit. An audit is a set of comprehensive tests performed to find the problems area of the home. Some solutions might be new insulation, Duct Sealing, or Air Sealing.  Having an audit done is like having a map to follow.  Once we get the results from the audit we can determine what needs to be fixed and the best way to fix it.  


Newer Home with Ice Dams

This home was most likely built by the same builder as the picture to the right. Notice the Ice Dams in the front. 

A Home we did Home Performance Fixes on

This is the neighbor to the picture on the left. We did some weatherization repairs to this home for better home performance. This fixed the ice dams. 


In addition to better home performance and comfort there are several utility rebates available for Weatherization repairs.  We are a certified contractor for Consumers Energy.  Our staff has been through BPI training which stands for Building Performance Institute. At this training they have learned how houses work as a whole and can identify problems and how to properly fix them.


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