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Flood Buzz Pro

Flood Buzz Pro - Prevent the preventable 


Imagine you are returning home from a long day at work. You decide to go do a load of laundry.  As you enter your laundry room which also houses your water heater and furnace and many other important things, to your horror you discover your water heater tank leaked and your basement is filled with water. Everything is wet. Is your furnace damaged? laundry equipment? What else is in your basement that can get ruined besides the basement itself? Now...What if there was a product that could alert you to water presense to prevent this kind of a disaster? 


How it works

The Flood Buzz Pro has two metal prongs on the bottom of each unit.  When water comes in contact with the metal prongs, it closes the circuit and sounds an alarm up to 110db.  Since the Flood Buzz Pro comes with an intergral battery, all you have to do is place the unit next to any potential leak source. There are no buttons to push and the battery is not replaceable.  This is a very inexpensive, easy option to alert Grand Rapids, Michigan homeowners of any water leaks in your home. 





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