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Air Conditioner Maintenance Special

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance only $89


In the hot summer months, central air conditioning can literally be a life saver for the elderly. It also allows families like you to be comfortable in your own home. So often the AC is expected to run on demand at any time in hot weather. People often don't give much thought to their central air conditioner until it doesn't work. Then the reality of being hot and uncomfortable sets in and it doesn't take long for a family to notice
Just like a car, a central air conditioner has several mechanical parts all working together for one common goal, to cool the hot air and just like a car it needs an inspection!


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We regularly use the NATE logo in our advertising. The logo is on our technicians' shirts and trucks. It can be seen on internet ads and direct mail.
There is a reason we like to show off the NATE logo. It's not because it's pretty purple color. NATE Stands for North American Technican Excellence. The service technician that is performing your inspection is most likely NATE certified. He has been specially trained in central air conditioners, furnaces and boilers. A mechanic is somebody who is trained to work with cars. A hairstylist has been to school to learn the art of cutting hair. This is another way to provide peace of mind for our customers, knowing our technicians are trained in HVAC.

We want your equipment to last as long as it can while being efficient as possible.  One way to do this is to have yearly routine maintenance on your HVAC equipment.
air-conditioner-maintenance-special Grand Rapids MI
Our Maintenance includes:

  • Check for safety concerns
  • Check filter
  • Check thermostat
  • Take temperature differential
  • Check capacitor
  • Clear drain line
  • Clean electrical compartment
  • Rinse outdoor coil with water
  • Check unit amp draw
  • Clean furnace vestibule
  • Disinfect and clean coil with Evapfresh
  • Record TESP
  • Record filter press drop
  • Record coil press drop
  • Record enthalpy change
air-conditioner-maintenance-special Grand Rapids MI
For More Info
...And now at no extra cost, we offer a disinfectant and sanitation process to the coil using EVAPFRESH!

Performing maintenance will keep the equipment running at it's peak efficiency and offers us a chance to find any issues with the equipment before those little issues become major problems.


If you have decided that regular maintenance is a good idea for your equipment it is best to join our program instead of waiting for the special. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. ) The special may range in price from year to year
  2. ) Life can get hectic and it's easy to forget about maintenance
  3. ) You are missing out on the amazing benefits of our maintenance plan!


  • Priority Service
  • 15% OFF repairs/supplies
  • HALF off diagnostic charges
  • $25 annual credit for furnace and air conditioner
  • Flexible payment options and many more!



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