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Energy Star Verified Installation Company

We are Grand Rapids' first ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC energy star verified installation company installation company. 

Energy Start Verified HVAC Installation is your assurance the work will be done right. 


A properly installed high-efficency system can lower your enegy bills, increase your home's comfort, and reduce the risk of equipment failure.  Contractors who follow the Energy STAR Verified HVAC installation Guidelines ensure that these critical steps are completed. 


1. Your new equipment is properly sized for your home. 

Oversized equipment may cycle to frequently, resulting in less comfort and shortened equipment life.  Your contractor will calculate the right size for your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump to optimize performance. 


2.  Your home's ducts are evaluated and improved to meet performance standards.  

Leaky ductwork can prevent conditioned air from going where it should, wasting your energy dollars.  Leaky ducts can also lead to uncomfortable rooms because the right amount of air does not reach the space. Despite these issues, ducts are commonly overlooking during HVAC installation.  An Energy Star verified HVAC installation ensures your contractor will inspect the duct system, test for leakage, and make necessary repairs to meet or exceed performance standards. 


3.  Your system's airflow is adjusted for optimal performance. 

The wrong amount of air flowing through an HVAC system can lead to reduced efficiency and shortened equipment life.  This could mean higher utility bills, overly damp air, and reduced comfort.  Your contractor will measure your new system's air flow to make sure it meets the manufactuer's performance specifications.  


4. The proper amount of refrigerant is installed.  

An improperly charged air conditioner or heat pump may consumer more energy and increase the risk of system failure.  Your  contractor will test the refrigerant charge and make adjustments to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency. 



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