How To Lower Cooling Bills This Summer | Tips From HVAC Pros
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How To Lower Cooling Bills: Explained

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Staying cool during the hot, humid summer in Greater Grand Rapids is a must. While blasting your AC might be too easy, it’s still important to consider the amount of energy you’re using to keep your space cool; the more energy you use, the more you’ll inevitably spend on monthly utility costs.

However, there are ways to limit utility bills each month without sacrificing that much-needed air conditioning. Practicing some simple steps each season offers many great benefits. Below are some quick tips to keep cool for less.

Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Energy Bills Low During the Summer

While staying cool, comfortable, and safe is a top priority, you likely want to cut back on costs as much as possible. Implementing energy-efficiency practices will also improve your AC unit’s efficiency and lessen your carbon footprint. Considering the following steps will help do just that:

Use Window Treatments

Investing in blackout curtains or blinds is an easy way to lower energy costs while maintaining a cool home. Window treatments limit the amount of heat and sunlight that infiltrates your house, leaving you with a cooler space without the need to crank up your air conditioner.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat allows you to set up a cooling schedule based on your needs. With this system, you can program your AC to run at a specific temperature at night and set your unit to shut off when you’re away and kick back on before you arrive home.

Use Ceiling Fans

Using your existing ceiling fans or having them installed can instantly cut back on costs. Set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature and program your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise. That way, your fan will pull the cool air up and outward to circulate your room.

Replace Air Filters

Dirty air filters prevent your unit’s airflow from adequately releasing cool air into your home. Regularly cleaning off your filter and replacing disposable filters every one to three months will ensure your unit doesn’t have to work harder to keep you cool, saving you money in the long run.

Turn Off Your AC

Shut off your AC when it isn’t necessary. It’s good practice to do so at night when the air is cooler or when you’re out of the house. This will ensure you’re not wasting energy.

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Every appliance in your home needs professional maintenance to operate efficiently. Expert AC maintenance comprises system inspections, thorough cleanings, and more to ensure your unit is tuned and ready to meet your cooling needs.

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